LeBron Performs ‘Pop Style’ With Drake During Ohio Concert

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Darryl Dawkins LeBron James

Last week, Drake brought Derrick Rose and his son on stage at MSG and last night during the ‘Summer Sixteen Tour’ stop in Ohio, Drake brought his most famous hype-man in the world out: LeBron James.

LeBron, fresh off of signing a new 3-year $100 million deal, came on stage to perform ‘Pop Style” then gave a shout out to his “brother Drizzy motherfucking Drake.” Drake then asked the crowd to give it up for the “hometown hero” who “came back home and brought a motherfucking championship instead of doing anything different.”

This moment brings back great memories of our first event with LeBron and Drake back in 2010 at All-Star weekend. We got to cover the Sprite Showdown dunk tour and the finals were judged by LeBron, Drake and the late Darryl Dawkins. As a bonus for the fans, Drake performed his hit song ‘Forever’ while LeBron played the role of Spliff Star (Freaky Tah, Sen Dog get shout outs and even 2pac and Jay-Z) without a mic.