LeBron puts on a dunk exhibition for his teammates in practice

Players in this post:
Earvin Johnson LeBron James

Yeah, yeah, we know and have known.  LeBron is an amazing dunker that could probably shut down a dunk contest even if he had an unbiased audience that wouldn’t give him a perfect score or text his name as winner if he missed every dunk.   BUT, he’s not in the dunk contest and if a million dollar pitch from Magic Johnson and a format that doesn’t even acknowledge a “winner” and “loser” but gives money to a charity isn’t enough to get the King in the event then I don’t see what will.

In related dunk contest news with names that are much less popular than LeBron James.  Tony Mitichell and Ra’shad James have been announced as contestants in the 2014 D-League Dunk Contest this weekend.  You might not know who they are but if LeBron was in an unbiased dunk contest with them, there’s a very good chance he wouldn’t walk out as the winner.

LBJ Dunk



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