LeBron Really Does Think Michael Jordan Is A Ghost & Gets Too Much Credit For Championships

Earlier this month, LeBron made some headlines when he told Sports Illustrated his “motivation is the ghost I’m chasing. The ghost played in Chicago.”  The ghost’s former teammate, BJ Armstrong, advised LeBron to not “chase the ghost” but to “get rid of the comparisons” by establishing you are the best every time you step on the court in a game and in practice. That’s what Michael Jordan did.

On Wednesday, LeBron made some more headlines when he made his podcast debut on Open Run and suggested Jordan might be getting too much credit for the Bulls 6 NBA Championships in the 90s.

“I don’t think MJ ever had a Game 7 in the Finals,” James said. “And people say  ‘Oh, well he was able to close it out early’ and they act like he just did it all on his own. They forget about the shot by (John) Paxson on the left wing.”

“You want to know the crazy thing? In that particular game in Phoenix, MJ didn’t even have the ball in his hands. (Scottie) Pippen brought the ball up, (Charles) Barkley went for the steal, Pippen threw it down to Horace Grant and that got the defense (out of place) because Barkley went for the gamble. They rotated to Horace Grant, and Horace Grant threw it to Paxson. MJ didn’t have nothing to do with that play.”

LeBron must really think MJ is a ghost that can’t be seen because MJ inbounded the ball, got it back with Kevin Johnson on him and made the long pass to Pippen, which caused Barkley to gamble (no pun intended).

And when the best and most clutch player on the court has 33 points – including all 9 of the Bulls 4th quarter points – 8 boards and 7 assists with 14 seconds left on the clock, his presence on the court alone has everything to do with what happens.

MJ also averaged 41/8/6/2 in the series and remember, according to league MVP Charles Barkley, God wanted the Suns to win.

So that means Jordan was able to defeat God!

I’m kidding and obviously Jordan had some great teammates who hit great shots – just like Ray Allen did in GM6 against the Spurs in 2013 – and had great performances – just like Kyrie Irving in GM7 vs the Warriors – but Jordan was the clear Finals MVP of every single NBA championship he won.

Anyways, the whole podcast appearance is a must-listen as Lebron discusses everything from his idols (including MJ) to his dreams of owning a team (like MJ) and wanting to be the GOAT (a title that belong to MJ).