LeBron scores 33, throws down 2 dunks on Alex Len & shoves 1 coach in his return vs the Suns

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"I couldn't make those moves two weeks ago," LeBron said after dropping 33 against the Suns. "For me to come back and feel like myself again is pretty cool."

What's not cool for Cavs fans is the team dropping their 6th in a row and only getting 9 points a piece from Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving - who also had 8 turnovers. James didn't help in the turnover department and contributed 5 of his own.

But despite the turnovers, James was a force out there running, jumping, dunking (on Alex Len twice) and hitting an assortment of tough shots.

"I thought he was terrific," Cleveland coach David Blatt said. "It is not new for anybody. I just thought he laid it out there. That wasn't an easy thing because he hasn't played a competitive game in eight games."

James was also doing his best to protect his coach when he shoved him away from a ref in the 3rd quarter.

I'm sure people will make a big deal about this moment which looks a lot less worse from the front.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

But no picture can make the Cavs situation seem less worse than it is right now.

Especially this pic.