LeBron Shoves Lance Stephenson For Shoving Jeff Green

Here’s your latest entertaining installment of LeBron vs Lance. It happened during the 4th quarter of LeBron’s one-man show against the Pacers in GM2. What makes this so entertaining is the shove LeBron gave Lance also caused coach Nate McMillan to join Lance on the floor. If you are an old school head then you might remember Nate being one of the best defenders from the 90s (two All-Defensive teams and led the league in steals in 94) and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a player make Nate fall. Yeah, yeah, I know. Nate fell because he slipped but it’s more fun to think of it as a two-for-one special served by the King.

Besides the special, the very special James finished the game with 46 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists. 29 of those 46 came in the first half and 16 of those 29 came in the opening minutes as he outscored the Pacers 16-1 to start the game. The stat line gave him his 10th career playoff game with 40/10/5; In the past 35 years, Michael Jordan and Shaq are 2nd on this list with a combined 8!

It was another one of those performances that made you question if James Harden really is the MVP of the league, especially after seeing The Beard miss 16 of 18 shots in the Rockets’ 20-point win later that night.

A year ago on this day, I had a conversation with Richard Jefferson about LeBron and we agreed that he probably should be MVP every single season but the award will end up going to a player with the “sexiest” stats of the season.

“People always look at stats and every year people are going to get excited over this year’s sexy numbers. Pop could be coach of the year, every year, but so and so did this or that or something unexpected, so that coach wins. People have gotten used to seeing LeBron’s greatness (he then rattled off a list of recent accomplishments longer than Pop’s resume).”


Speaking of LeBron and Coach Pop, right after Game 2, LeBron was asked by reporter Allie LaFare about his thoughts on the passing of Popovich’s wife. A lot of people were upset at LaFare and TNT for the timing of the question. In LaFare’s defense, LeBron posted a video on the Uninterrupted network saying he was not “blindsided” on air and was told about the question before the interview started.

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