LeBron tackles fan that hit a half court shot for $75k

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The most exciting moment of the 22 point victory the Miami Heat had over the Pistons was watching LeBron James tackle one extremely lucky fan named Michael Drysch who won $75k for making a  half court hook shot at half-time.  Also lucky for the fan, the money is coming from LeBron’s organization and not Kroger supermarket.

Earlier this month, a guy hit a half court shot for $10k but then Kroger didn’t want to pay him because they said his foot went past the line.  Controversy started, a movement was formed and Kroger paid up.

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Most of these half time shots are for $10k or less or a new car worth half of what this fan won but if you think $75k is a lot, check out this Lakers fan (it’s from 2010) that hit a half-court shot for $235,000!

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