LeBron talks about being compared to Michael Jordan, his legacy & not feeling any pressure in the Finals

After the Heat eliminated the Pacers last week, Coach Frank Vogel said “we are playing the Michael Jordan and Bulls of our era.”

On Wednesday, a very calm and humble sounding LeBron talked about the comparisons with the GOAT, his own legacy and not feeling pressure from fans, critics and the media to accomplish certain things in his career.

“I play for my teammates, our team, the city of Miami, my friends, and family,” said James. “Win, lose, or draw, I’m satisfied with that. I don’t get involved in what people say about me and my legacy. I think it’s actually kind of stupid.”

Here’s a few other answers from LeBron via MySanantonio.com

James on his fifth Finals appearance: “I’m blessed. I was a kid who watched so many Finals appearances, watched Michael Jordan and watched Shaq and Kobe. We watched throwback Finals games of Magic and Bird and Isiah and Hakeem. I don’t need any extra motivation. This is motivating enough.”

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra on whether Spurs might again dare James to make outside looks: ”If that’s the scheme, we have to find a way to conquer it. If it’s making open shots, there are a lot worse problems you can have, especially at this level of competition.”

James on Tim Duncan: “He’s one of the best to ever play our game. He is still solidifying his legacy at this point, in the sense that he’s playing at one of the highest levels of any guy that’s played this long. To keep this team and this franchise relevant over 15 years is amazing. To see what he does on the floor every single night and year after year…lets you know what type of player and passion he has for the game. I was a freshman in high school (when Duncan won his first championship in 1999). This is my third time facing him (in the Finals), so it’s pretty cool.”

James on following Duncan’s model of adapting as he ages: “You have to. Father Time is undefeated. So me flying high and doing the things that I’m able to do now at 29, at 36 maybe I won’t be able to do it. I will change my game again if I want to continue to be helpful to a team.”

James on the Spurs’ extra motivation after losing last season: “I think motivation can only go so far. At the end of the day, 10 guys on the court, three refs and one basketball…you gotta make plays.”







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