LeBron “went back to his Cleveland days” & put on a 1 man show in GM5 | LBJ passes Wilt

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After Game 5, a reporter asked Coach Spoelstra about LeBron’s 3rd quarter performance and if that was a plan or just “LeBron being LeBron.”  Spoelstra responded by saying “That’s LeBron showing his greatness and making it look easy, His engine in that third quarter was incredible. He was tireless. He was doing things on both ends of the court.”

LeBron’s engine was incredible and it needed to be as the other members of the Big 3 were awful finishing with a not so Big 3 field goals a piece.

“I just went back to my Cleveland days at that point, and just said, ‘Hey, let’s try to make more plays and be more of a scoring threat as well, I was just in attack mode in the third quarter, looking for my shot.”

The one man attack finished with 30 points (16 in the 3rd), 8 rebounds 6 assists and a much needed win for the Heat over Paul George and the Pacers.  George finished with an impressive 27/11/5 and 5 from downtown.

LeBron’s 30 also moved him ahead of Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain on the NBA’s All-Time Playoff scoring leaders.  He’s just 9 points from Scottie Pippen and 122 points away from moving into 10th place ahead of Magic and Hakeem.   Out of the active players, only Duncan (7) and Kobe (3) have more post season points than LeBron.   FYI, He’s 2354 points behind MJ and with a scoring average of 25 points, he would need to play in 94 more playoff games to catch Jordan and that sounds very attainable.

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