Thousands tweet #LeBronMeetEbony so High School Basketball Star Ebony Nettles-Bey, who is fighting Cancer, can meet her idol LeBron James

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I don’t check hashtags. I don’t write hashtags (with the exception of #MJMONDAYS) and I would be happy if every hashtag on Twitter would go away with the exception of this one – #LeBronMeetEbony.

The hashtag is an online movement that I’m supporting to help high school basketball player Ebony Nettles-Bey meet her idol LeBron James.  I have a feeling there’s a very good chance of that happening considering the odds she’s already beaten.

At the age of 16, Ebony was already a 1st team all-conference player at Madison High School and was offered a full basketball scholarship from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She then transferred to Verona high school but received some life changing news before playing in her first game with the Wildcats.

“At a couple open gyms, I was having trouble breathing,” she said. “Then, I went to an AAU tournament. I couldn’t go up and down twice. I was just dead. Then, I went in to the hospital Monday. I had a lump under my breast like on my rib. So, my mom took me to the hospital. They said I had a lot of fluid on my lungs. That’s why I couldn’t breathe very good. After that, that led to me being diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.”

“They began to tell us I think the fourth day, ‘This is the type of cancer she has. It’s a possibility of Ebony beating this and there’s a possibility of her not beating this.’ So, I couldn’t do nothing but just freeze,” she said.

The doctors then told her that it was unlikely she would be able to play basketball again after being diagnosed with stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Ebony, being the fighter and winner she is, made it through surgeries and chemotherapy that has taken her hair and weight but not her will to succeed. She’s now a member of the starting five for the Verona Wilcats and we hope to be in the stands one day to support her and we also hope that LeBron James will also be the stands.

Let’s make it happen with the most important hashtag you will see today and probably tomorrow.  #LeBronMeetEbony

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