LeBron’s Dunk Are So Vicious They Scare the Elderly

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LeBron James
Photo by Getty images / Bill Baptist

During LeBron’s not so great Sunday afternoon, he had Cavs fans scared every time he stepped to the free throw line and had some elderly Rockets fans scared for their life when he got a steal and threw down a vicious dunk in the first quarter.

Thankfully they didn’t have a heart attack but if it makes them feel any better, LeBron doesn’t hate old people and will sometimes even give courtside elders a kiss.

But I guess you have to be old home fans. Anyways, you can watch the vicious dunk at the 43 second mark of this video.

I’ll tell you what scared the crap out of me during the game. The Rockets cheerleaders with beards!

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan


LeBron Photo Source: Bleacher Report