LeBron’s Favorite Player, James Jones, Causes Cavs Bench To Erupt After Putback Dunk

The legend is heading to his 7th consecutive NBA Finals! LeBron is too but I’m talking about James Jones! I’m talking about the 36-year old who made the Cavs bench erupt when he threw down a putback dunk in the final quarter of the Cavs GM5 beatdown on the Celtics! I’m talking about the player LeBron calls his “favorite player of all time.”

“I told JJ as long as I’m playing, he’s going to be around.” Said James earlier in the year to ESPN. “He’s not allowed to stop playing basketball. So, I’m going to make sure I got a roster spot for him. I love him. He’s the greatest teammate I’ve ever had.”

Richard Jefferson also had some high praise for Jones saying, “If James is the heart of the Cavs — the organ that pumps life into the franchise — Jones is the soul.”

Even Barack Obama joked about the two being a pair.

Back to the amusing bench celebration after Jones’ dunk, this might be the best Cavs reaction to a Jones’ play.