LeBron’s Full Facebook Live Chat (most underrated teammate, first dunk)

Each year LeBron activates “Zero Dark Thirty-6” for the NBA playoffs which means he wont be wasting time on social networks commenting on Cramp Memes until the playoffs are done. ┬áBut he did make a special social appearance, with the Air Yeezy shoes, on Facebook during a live chat session yesterday afternoon.

Besides the standard boring questions about preparing for games, mentality, motivation and guarding players on the Spurs, we did learn a few things.

  • He doesn’t have a personal favorite game of his
  • He doesn’t have a personal favorite away arena to play in
  • He think James Jones is his most underrated teammate
  • His favorite show is Martin
  • His first dunk was in 8th grade
  • He was recruited by a bunch of school including Florida State to play Football (Go Noles!)


Patty Mills and Boris Diaw also participated in a live chat…but you know you aren’t going to watch it.


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