LeBron’s Shadow With The Chase-Down Block On Robert Covington

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LeBron James Robert Covington

Lebron James is such a master at the chase-down block, he can even slap a layup off the backboard by just using his shadow! Don’t believe me? Here’s video proof with Robert Covington.

If you refuse to believe it was LeBron’s shadow or Covington would miss a wide-open layup, then you can blame film director M. Knight Shyamalan – sitting courtside – for the surprising ending to this play.



I’ve been a big fan of the big 76ers fan’s work since I saw “The Sixth Sense” in the theaters in 1999. I’m still a big fan (of everything of his not made between 2008-2013) and looking forward to his new film “Split.” So in honor of seeing the director on Sunday, here’s my top 5 films of his followed by .

  • The Sixth Sense (masterpiece)
  • Unbreakable (unfairly overlooked when it came out)
  • Signs (favorite Mel Gibson film)
  • The Village (the ending doesn’t ruin the whole film for me)
  • Lady In The Water (overall it’s a mess but has some great scenes, music, and cinematography)
  • The Visit (had it’s moments)
  • The Happening/Last Airbender/After Earth (thumbs down)