LeBron’s team beats Kobe’s team in the first Sprite Uncontainable Game

Players in this post:
Kobe Bryant LeBron James Serge Ibaka

Ballislife had the pleasure of spending our Summer on the NBA Nation tour working with the NBA and Sprite on the Showdown dunk contests and the Uncontainable games.  The result of a summer of finding the most talented and exciting “amateur” players from around the US and video submissions on Sprite.com was the Uncontainable Game tonight at Jam Session in Houston Texas.   The players were separated into two teams.  Team Intense coached by Kobe Bryant and Bargs & Team Sudden coached by LeBron James and Serge Ibaka.

The game was full of highlights including a near free throw line dunk by 3 time Showdown winner Werm but it all came down to the final seconds of OT for Team Sudden to pull out a 1 point victory 58-57.
The teams were comprised of a lot of familiar faces from our Ballislife dunk archive of Sprite Showdown events including Troy McCray, Andrew Pickwell, Werm, Chase, Kid Dynomite and James Hinnant.










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