Damian Lillard “License to Lillard” Season 2 Trailer

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Damian Lillard

The “License to Lillard” webseries started back in June of 2012 with the future Trailblazer star looking back at his final days at Weber State University, preparing for the 2012 NBA Draft, wining MVP of the NBA Summer League and starting his rookie season in Portland where he proved that he was the best rookie in the class.


With Lillard’s second season just a month away, the teaser for season 2 of the “License to Lillard” webseries was released.  Season 2 will focus on Lillard’s rookie of the year season and 2013 offseason.

If you haven’t caught up with the first season yet, I’ll be your Netflix and present you with all of the episodes along with some other memorable moments from Lillard’s past year.








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