Laker Fan & Luber Driver Lil’ Tasty Picks Up Tracy McGrady

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Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady

I have a ton of crazy Taxi stories. Not many Uber ones. Actually no Uber ones. Maybe I might have to try Luber because Luber is for rejects of Uber and Lyft. How awesome does that sound? Rejects like the hilarious Lil’ Tasty! If you don’t know anything about die-hard Kobe fan Lil’ Tasty, then this video of her picking up Tracy McGrady and dropping a few Kobe references will serve as a great introduction.

Too bad she didn’t ask about the time Kobe supposedly “cooked” and “roasted” him in Germany.  T-Mac denied the 1-on-1 stories were true but did say Kobe was the hardest player he had to guard during his career.