Lip Readers, Did Bradley Beal Tell Sasha Vujačić he’s “going beat his ass?”

Sasha Vujacic has a history of annoying players – even his own teammates. And on Saturday night, Bradley Beal was added to that list of players who were annoyed and wanted to beat Sasha’s ass. How do I know? Well unless i’m reading Beal’s lips wrong, he told Sasha he was going to beat his ass during the game.

Beal has been doing some nice ass kicking so far this early season by dropping 25 a game but his 26 wasn’t enough to beat the Knicks on this night.

As for the ex-fiance of Maria Sharapova, Sasha was 2 of 10 from the floor and finished with just 4 points – do you remember when this guy once said he could drop 20 or 30 in any game? No wonder Kobe used to give him elbows in practice.