Lip Readers, Is Kevin Durant Saying “Thank You” To Dion Waiters

KD is nice! Watch Durant show how polite he is by repeatedly saying “thank you” to Dion Waiters for the nice assist during KD’s 16 point 2nd quarter in GM2 on Wednesday.

OK, maybe my lip reading skills aren’t as good as Zach LaVine (Google it) but I know this conversation with Shaqtin’ legend Dion Waiters wasn’t anything serious and I would bet the money I won last night (to make up for the money I lost in game 1) that KD was just joking around.

Although I’m sure he wanted to tell the refs “fuck you” in the 3rd.

If you really want to see some funny KD is mad type stuff, then watch this video of him cursing at Dwight Howard while Russell Westbrook was looking like a hitman creeping in the background.

As funny as that is, it’s nowhere near as funny as any of Durant’s appearances on the great ItsReal85’s lip syncing videos (16 second and 1 minute mark).