Lipek wins epic dunk contest in Germany (Staples/Dupuy/JusFly)

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Aaron Gordon Nick Johnson

Not only are we seeing some great basketball action going on at all the Pro-Ams (Jamal & Wroten in Seattle, Curry in SanFran, Parker in Chi, PG in LA, etc) and high flying rookies like Nick Johnson and Aaron Gordon showing off their hops at the Orlando Summer League, but some of the most epic dunk contests in the world have been going down in the past few weeks too.

At the end of June, Lipek shut down France at the Quai 54 dunk contest against the international lineup of Guy Dupuy, Chris Staples, Porter Maberry and Justin Darlington.   Then Staples and Guy returned to the US to compete at the Sprite /BET Awards dunk contest which was won by Guy Dupuy.  Then we had the Piter Street Dunk Contest that I think might have had the best collection of dunks ever performed at one event.

This leads us to the Reality Check Dunk Contest that went down in Germany this weekend.  The contest also featured Guy and Staples along with JusFly and Lipek from the Quai 54 contest. Like Quai54, Lipek stole the show with another over a guy standing on a chair dunk.






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