Lob City 2.0: Milos Teodosic Dishes 8 Assists in Clippers Debut

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Chris Paul Blake Griffin DeAndre Jordan

You can expect to hear “Lob Cit 2.0” and “Chris Paul who?” a lot this season. The 2.0 is fair because you are going to be seeing a lot of DeAndre Jordan and (hopefully) Blake Griffin dunks off Milos Teodosic passes this season; The “Chris Paul who?” is unfair and pretty stupid because as much as I love being a member of the Milos fan club, I’ll be the first to admit he’s CP3.

In 25 minutes off the bench, Milos dished out a game-high eight assists, including a lob to DeAndre “changes his hairstyle in the middle of the game” Jordan. That was the good. The bad and ugly is he missed all five of his field goals (three of the five were three-point attempts). He also had two turnovers but considering starters Patrick Beverley and Austin Rivers combined for five turnovers and five assists, I’m not complaining.

Beverley did have this nice assist to DeAndre Jordan for the poster dunk on Serge Ibaka.