LOL: Joakim Noah asks for the ball so he can put on a dribbling exhibition at the end of the Suns game

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Joakim Noah

If you thought watching Joakim Noah re-enact the “f*** you, f*** you, you’re cool, f*** you” scene from Half Baked was amusing then check out his solo dribbling exhibition at the end of the Bulls/Suns game.

With 2.8 seconds left in a 9 point win for the Bulls, Noah asked Gibson for the ball so he could dribble between his legs.  I would say it was odd and unexplainable but it’s Noah and nothing is really that odd or unexplainable about him….except for maybe that girl in those beach pics with him (google them).

Luckily for Noah, this amusing act wont cost him $15k.

Equally entertaining  was his interview with the NBATV crew after last night’s win and hearing Chris Webber explain the incident “in French.”


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