Forget The Shoes, What Did You Think Of Lonzo Ball’s Rap In The Z02 Promo

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Lonzo Ball

On Thursday, Slam Magazine dropped a video revealing the much-talked-about $500 ZO2 shoes have been redesigned. What surprised me the most about the BBB promo video wasn’t the remixed shoes, it was the lyrics being rapped by Lonzo at the end.

Pass me the ball, and I’ll shoot it
And I’ll hop on the beat just to get ’em go stupid

Don’t talk if you clueless
Just stay in yo lane, cuz my people is movin’

With them Bs, it’s a movement
And I dropped out of school cuz I’m smarter than student

Only one year I was done with the Bruins
Slavin’ for free, I was offered to move it

Millions of dollars, I took it, I’m human
I’m taking that case, I don’t care if I lose it

Brodie on beats and it’s sounding so fluent
Trust in the brand, cuz you know what we doing.

What you rockin’? ZO2s

I’m blowin’ past in ZO2s

You know I got it, ZO2

Pay respect, and pay your dues.

And according to the Big Baller Brand website, if you pay for these shoes, you will be getting “the lightest basketball shoes in the history of the game.” Yeah, I’m calling BS on that claim.

Anyways, I thought a few of those bars were nice and this is coming from a Nas fan since he was Nasty Nas rapping with Akinyele on “Live at The BBQ.” Speaking of Nas and rapping ballers, Nas fan Damian Lillard aka Dame D.O.L.L.A dropped his new single off his second album on the same day as the Zo2 remix. The Scott Storch produced song called “Run It Up, features Lil Wayne and bars like this from Dame.

I’m the Daddy Mac, Mac Daddy with hoop and rappin’
Y’all be on your Kris Kross, uh, hustlin’ backwards
All this game I’m givin’ is prolly gon’ be a caption
When the lights and cameras off I’ma still be ’bout that action


There was no way I was going to talk about Lonzo rapping and not bring this video up.

And here’s Lonzo rapping about his brother and his brother’s signature shoes.