Lou Williams Misses Game Winner From Waaay Downtown With 5 Seconds Left On The Clock

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Lou Williams

Down by 2, Lou Williams launched a game-winning 3-point attempt – with a foot on the mid-court logo – with 5 seconds left on the clock.  The shot is missed and the Raptors eventually lost by 4. I know what you are thinking: what the hell was Lou thinking?

“If you have been watching Raptors basketball, left to right crossover, 3 point shot. That’s the shot I shoot at the end of quarters. It was the same scenario for me,” said Williams. “That’s a shot I’m comfortable with, that’s a shot that I make and that’s a shot that I miss.”

If you need evidence to back up his quote and/or a reminder of how clutch Lou can be then scroll on down but as comfortable as Lou was taking that shot and as successful as he’s been with that shot, taking a deep 3 with 5 seconds on the clock just doesn’t sound like the best shot…but if he would have made it then we would be bragging about how it was the shot of the night.