Lou Williams Scores 23 of Career-High 44 In The 4th Quarter vs The Thunder

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Lou Williams

If you take away his 0 for 7 performance against the Warriors last week, Lou Williams is averaging 30 points a game over his past 5 after putting up a career-high 44 against the Thunder on Friday night.  23 of those 44 came in the final exciting period and 17 of those 23 came in the first 8 minutes of the final quarter.

“Man, he got in a great groove,” Bryant said. “His pull-up jumper started working and he got to the basket, drawing contact. He just got in a fantastic rhythm.”

The performance from the former NBA 6th Man award winner also got a rave review from Kevin Durant.

“He’s been a scorer since he came out of the womb,” Durant said. “He hit four or five shots falling out of bounds in the corner, and then he hit some transition 3s. It wasn’t like our defense was bad. He made shots tonight.”