Louis Williams scores career-high 36, Cavs lose 4 in a row

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LeBron James Lou Williams

After a few losses in the row, LeBron and the Cavs came out and had a  statement-making 34-21 first quarter against the Raptors.  Then it was all Lou Williams and Toronto who came out of Cleveland with a 18 point victory.  Williams, who had every Cavs going for his pump fakes, scored a career-high 36 to help the Raptors win their 4th in a row and give the Cavs their 4th loss in a row.

During the preseason, Lou Williams hit a game-winning 3 pointer against the Celtics and a youtube user named Ishooterl posted "idiot do that in regular season and maybe I be impressed. Reason why you never stay in one team because you only good in preseason games. Lou Williams is talented offensively but never accomplished shit."

Well, this game is for you Ishooterl.



After the game LeBron, who only scored 15 points in 37 minutes, talked about his "very fragile team" and staying optimistic.

"I'm very optimistic," he said. "I'm very positive, more positive than I thought I'd be right now. We'll look at what we did wrong, the things we did right and be ready (for Monday). It's still too early for me. ... I can't be negative at all. Once I crack, it trickles down to everybody else, I would never do that to these guys."

What's going on with LeBron at the :58 mark of this post-game interview?