Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell ejected after throwing punch against Western Kentucky, ref gets injured

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Terry Rozier Montrezl Harrell

Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell lost his cool near the end of the first half against Western Kentucky when he threw a punch at WKU’s Avery Patterson after going for a loose ball.  Harrell was ejected, the two coaches were hit with techs and if that wasn’t crazy enough, one of the refs was actually hurt during the skirmish.

Harrell had 14 points before his ejection but luckily his team, behind 32 from Terry Rozier, was still able to pull off a 76-67 victory.

“Spur of the moment. A team situation, a dog pile and everything just took a turn for the worse, honestly,” Harrell said after the game. “I overreacted in the heat of that moment and situation …. and I just want to apologize to my teammates; I want to apologize to the University of Louisville and apologize to my coaching staff. I know I shouldn’t have reacted in that way, and I’m truly sorry and apologize for the way I reacted, and have just got to move forward.”