Luis Scola unsuccessfully tried to block Gabe Norwood’s dunk…with 2 hands!

Players in this post:
Theo Ratliff Luis Scola

Luis Scola doesn’t block many shots and I’ve never seen him block a dunk and I’m pretty sure we will never see him pull off a 2 hand block the way Theo Ratliff used to do…BUT during Argentina’s game vs the Philippines, he tried a 2 hand block on Gabe Norwood’s dunk attempt and I can’t say i’m surprised by the results.

A lot of people will come to Scola’s defense (no pun intended) and say he wasn’t really “dunked on.”  I agree, because this is what Scola getting dunked on looks like.

And this is what a poster dunk by Norwood on an Argentina player from the same game looks like.

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