Magic Johnson, Commish, Rihanna, Bieber, Mayweather, Marky Mark & more at Clippers’ game

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Magic Johnson said he would never attend another Clipper’s game as long as Sterling is owner and yesterday Magic sat with and talked with the Commish (about the massive lawsuit and headache Sterling is about to hit the NBA with) at the Clippers game.

The arena was also packed with mayors (Eric Garcetti and Kevin Johnson) and other celebs including Justin Bieber, Mark Whalberg, Floyd Mayweather, long-time fan Billy Crystal and Rihanna who broke the phone of Steve Soboroff – President of the LA Police Commission.


via Steve Soboroff’s Twitter page
“High bidder for my cracked screen @rihanna phone gets the prize. Proceeds to @lapdhq foundation”




fans-mark   fans-bc  fans-mayors373719-65264b50-d974-11e3-8125-0ad81a58de5e 

If the pics of JB didn’t annoy you enough, here’s a video of him spinning the ball on his fingers!



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