Relax Kobe fans! Magic Johnson updated his “great ones” list with Bryant in it


Maybe Magic Johnson was trolling Laker fans, maybe the 140 characters weren’t enough or maybe he just posted a quick thought on Twitter and didn’t treat it like an essay with Pulitzer Prize potential but Laker and Kobe fanatics were ready to hang the greatest Laker of all-time yesterday when he sent out a tweet about “the great ones” and excluded Bryant but included LeBron and Durant next to Kareem, Bird and Jordan.

This morning, after countless articles were written about Magic speculating that he might have beef with the player that he has on more than one occasion called the closest thing to Michael Jordan, Johnson sent out another tweet about “the great ones” and this time included Kobe.  He also added Shaq, Dr J, Hakeem, Isiah Thomas and Charles Barkley.

Later on in the day he added legends like Russell, Wilt and Baylor and then started creating more lists such as players who would have dominated if not for injuries.  I couldn’t agree more with the “would have” list and was happy to see Andrew Toney made the cut.  If not, maybe me and all the Andrew Toney fans (assuming I’m not the only one on Twitter) would have to go crazy and start blasting Magic and his legacy over a tweet.








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