Magic Johnson interview on Politics Nation with Rev Al Sharpton

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“I grew up poor but I didn’t have poor dreams” – Magic Johnson

Every year we hear about another group of athletes filing for bankruptcy or announcing that they are “broke” after making tens of millions during their playing days.  Magic Johnson on the other hand, made less than $20 million (before taxes) playing pro basketball but now has net worth of over half a billion and his Magic Johnson Enterprises is worth over a billion. The Entrepreneur and current co-owner of the Dodgers has been able to flip some great investments including selling his $10 million investment of the Lakers for $60 milllion and his Starbucks chains for $75 million.

Speaking with the Rev. Al Sharpton on Politics Nation, Magic talked about hard work, understanding people, dealing with “getting knockdown,” and becoming a business man and a positive influence in the community.

Watching Magic in this show format couldn’t help but remind me of what I consider Magic’s biggest failure – his awful 90’s Arsenio Hall rip-off talk show. 

[youtube id=”I_GQX4i8B30″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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