Magic Johnson Says Kobe Is The Best Laker Ever & Kareem is The Best LA Athlete Ever

Is Kobe Bryant is the greatest Laker of all-time? Shaq thinks so. The logo Jerry West agrees. And on Jimmy Kimmel, Magic Johnson repeated that he also believes Kobe is the greatest player to ever wear the purple and gold.

“When you think about what Kobe has achieved, you know, we both have five championships…but at the end of the day, he has represented this city and the Lakers organization as well as anybody could”

From Jimmy’s response, it’s obvious he doesn’t agree and joked that Kareem will probably be giving Magic a call tonight.  Magic then said his former teammate is the greatest athlete the city has ever had considering Kareem has 3 NCAA titles at UCLA to go with his 5 NBA championships.

As for my two cents – keep in mind I’m a 21 year Kobe fan who has been following him since high school and even had the honor of flying in his helicopter on the night of his final NBA game – Magic Johnson is and will always be the greatest Laker of all-time. Not because of his skills, but because of his intangibles and leadership from day 1. Because of his ability to make every single player around him better. It’s also tough to argue with his track record: 5 championships and 8 finals appearances in 10 years;  A 10 year span that included the early the Fo-Fo-Fo 76ers,  the best Celtics team of all-time and the Bad Boy Pistons.

Magic was a winner and at the beginning of the interview, Jimmy asked him if he ever had a losing season and Magic’s “what!?” response and head shaking showed he not only never had a losing season but he can’t even comprehend the idea of being on a bad team while wearing the purple and gold.


Magic also shared a great story on Jimmy about the one-time he talked trash with the greatest NBA player of all-time.