Marc Gasol Does The “Spanish McGregor” Walk After Making The Game-Winning 3!

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Marc Gasol made 12 3-pointers during his first eight seasons (579 games) in the NBA. After 11 games this season, Gasol already has 16!

On Wednesday against the 10-1 Clippers, he connected on 4 of 5 from downtown, including a game-winning one, which was followed by an awesome Conor McGregor celebration.

“We stay in the moment and it’s been good so far,” Gasol said. “We made the right plays and we are lucky the ball went in.”

If this was last season, I would have said the shot was “lucky.” But when you are 3 for 4 on the night and your teammates are also on fire – Mike Conley was 7 of 9 from 3- it’s not luck. It’s skill and it was meant to be, just so we all could enjoy the “Spanish McGregor” walk!

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This is the second time this season Gasol has made four 3s in a game. Before this season, his season-high total for 3s in a single season was 3. Crazier than that is the fact that Gasol’s first NBA 3 came during the second month of his third season. His 40 attempts this season is also more than his total attempts from his first five seasons.

If he can maintain this pace he will have over 100 3-pointers by the end of this season, which has also been a career-high for him in the points department (19.3).