Marc Gasol Fouls Derrick Favors by Swiping at the Ball with His Shoe in His Hand

This is what you call “Dirty Defense.”  Not dirty defense as in Bruce Bowen Dirty Defense or what Kobe would call Jalen Rose Dirty Defense but dirty as in shoes are dirty.

After hitting a jump hook shot over Derrick Favors,  Favors stepped on Marc Gasol’s shoe causing it to come off as he ran back on defense.  Gasol then used that shoe to play defense on Favors as he swiped at the ball with the Nikes like a dad would swipe at the butt of a bad kid.

This is way off topic but speaking of Dads and kids.  Check out this moving viral letter going around written by a Dad to his gay son about coming out. If you are homophobic or only interested in watching videos then feel free to hit the back button on your browser now.


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