The Viral Marcelino Twins, Future PBA Stars?

I love basketball videos about twin brothers: Horace and Harvey Grant, Marcus and Markieff Morris, Brook and Robin Lopez, Jason and Jarron Collins, even Aaron and Andrew Harrison (mainly because they played high school ball a few minutes from my house). So last year, when I came across this video (make sure you at least go to the 1:56 mark) of the Marcelino twins, Jaycee and Jayvee, I was interested and hoping to hear more about the 21-year-old "future PBA stars" of the Lyceum Pirates.

This past weekend, the 5-9 twins played in the NCAA Season 94 All-Star Game and made some international news by teaming up for a dunk that went viral and led to a pretty amusing comment from Amir Johnson to his former Boston Celtic teammate, Isaiah Thomas.

"I got you if we ever play together" Said Johnson via B/R 

Although the 5-9 IT has never thrown down a dunk during a NBA game, he has some pretty impressive hops and even won a dunk contest in college.

Back to the twins, besides throwing down the dunk of the game with a little assist from Jayvee, Jaycee also finished the game with a team-high 15 points. Their team didn't get the win but they were definitely the winners of the game.

If you speak Filipino and want to learn more about the brothers and their basketball journey, check out this video from ABS-CBN News.

If you speak English (I'm assuming you do) and want to learn more about the Morris brothers and their basketball journey, check out this video from SB Nation.

And if you want to check out some highlights of the Harrison Twins, check out this video we made.



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