#MarchMadness Sale Starting Today! All EV2 Socks are 50% OFF!


It’s the mooost wonderful tiiiime of the year!!!!

It’s March, that means #MarchMadness is definitely sure to follow. There are many things that fall into the category of #MarchMadness. Of course there’s the NCAA tourney, but I’m talking about sales, parties, endless late night drives to your local bodega for your midnight snacks. Whatever it is, it’s March. Pretty much everything I just stated doesn’t really matter. Except one.  SALES.

We’ve kicking off #MarchMadness with a sale! Bada-bing-bada-boom. To start the sale, each week we’ll release one item and mark the price down so all you people struggling to pay rent can at least look good while doing it.

For the first sale we’ve marked down ALL EV2 SOCKS 50% off! That’s right, all of our EV2 socks are half off. Do the math. And they’ll be half off for the entire month!

So empty your piggy bank and hit this link right hurr to shop all EV2 socks for 50% off!  And stay tuned for next weeks sale as we’ll mark the price down on another product.  It may be tees, hoodies, or even one of the toilets that doesn’t work in our office.