Marcus Smart With The Oscar-Worthy Flop

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Marcus Smart

I won’t get too much into the Oscar controversy or Jada Pinkett Smith’s silly rant about her hubby getting “snubbed” for doing an awful accent in the mediocre ‘Concussion’ but I will say that if she was married to Idris Elba she has a case. Or if she was married to Marcus Smart and his performance against the Knicks on Tuesday was eligible and he didn’t get recognition from the academy, then she can complain about snubs.

In the 3rd quarter vs the Knicks, Marcus Smart was so committed to a flop that he could have injured himself and ended up with a concussion from this fall.

The Celtics outscored the Knicks 25-18 in the 3rd and came away with a 97-89 victory. Smart had just 4 points on 1 of 5 shooting, but at least he’s getting recognition for his Oscar-worthy performance!


For fans of Smart and/or the flop, you probably already knew that Smart has been a master of the craft since college. He was so well known for his acting that college crowds would actually fall down during the starting lineup introductions.