Marcus Smart’s Flop Leads To Questionable Flagrant Foul Call On James Harden & Bloody Jerebko

Now this was just one bloody mess of a play.

It started with James Harden getting double-teamed, then Marcus Smart decides to flop (what a surprise), which allows Harden to break free and drive to the basket. On the drive, he was held by Jae Crowder and while trying free himself from the tangle, he throws his arms back and hits Jonas Jerebko in the face.

So what was the call? A personal foul on Crowder and a questionable flagrant foul 1 on Harden.

As bad as Jerebko looked with blood coming out of the side of his mouth like a Vampire after eating, at least he didn’t end up like James Harden when Metta World Peace hit him with an “inadvertent” elbow.