Mario Chalmers ties Heat record with Brian Shaw by hitting 10 3 pointers

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Many were hoping the next time they heard Brian Shaw’s name it would be the news that he is the new head coach of the LA Lakers.  That would be news that the Miami Heat might not want to hear but what Shaw news they were happy to hear was that current Heat player Mario Chalmers tied Shaw and his franchise record of 10 3 pointers.

Super Mario had a super game with 34 points including the 10 3 pointers and 12 of 16 shots overall.   What might surprise some people are who the top 3 point performances in the Heat franchise  belong to.  The record of 10 was held by BShaw and Rex Chapman, Dan Merle and Ricky Davis (!) all had 9.  Unlike a triple double, Davis was not able to cheat to try to get a 10th 3 pointer.

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