Mark Cuban goes “full Mark Cuban” at GrowCo conference & gets into Twitter battle over “hoodie” comment

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“We are all prejudice in one way or another. If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face, white guy, bald head, I’ll be walking back to the other side of the street and the list goes on.”

Those are the honest words from Mark Cuban at the GrowCo conference, where he warned the crowd that he was about to go “full Mark Cuban” and apologized in advance to anybody in the crowd that might be offended by cursing.  Those are the honest words from the CyberDust funder that’s going to be taken out of context and misunderstood all day today. Those are the honest words that have him fighting with people on Twitter right now.

Those are the honest words from my favorite NBA owner, Shark on Shark Tank, blogger on BlogMaverick and client way back in 2000 (the good ole’ final days of the dot com boom).  But one thing that most people who didn’t watch the full interview might be missing is that Cuban wasn’t even speaking in “true first person.”  As his brother pointed out this morning, “He was giving examples of the thought process.”

Here’s a few other, less controversial, answers from the Nashville conference via the Washington Post.

On his success after selling tech company MicroSolutions: I literally retired at 29 with a lifetime pass on American Airlines, and my goal was to party with as many people as possible.

On owning the Mavericks: Everybody thinks that we are in the basketball business. It’s an NBA game; we’re not in the basketball business. We’re in the business of creating unique experiences.

On his relationship with former NBA Commissioner David Stern: We get along great. And the few things we didn’t agree on, he had the authority to fine me on.

On whether or not he will vote to oust Clippers owner Donald Sterling:You’ll find out. I know how I’m going to vote, but I’m not ready to comment on it.

On how to keep bigotry out of the NBA: You don’t. There’s no law against stupid.

On stupidity in general: I’m the one guy who says don’t force the stupid people to be quiet — I want to know who the morons are.



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