Dwight Howard’s Shot Doctor Plans On Fixing Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s Shot

Before the start of the season, I posted a video of Michael Kidd-Gilchrest draining threes and said his shot hasn’t looked this “good” since he was one of the top three high school players in the nation. How effective was his shot during the season? He finished it averaging 9.2 points per game (third highest average in five seasons) while shooting .477 from the field (2nd highest of his career), .111 from three (tied for his lowest) and .784 from the free throw line (a career-best). Apparently, MKG thinks those numbers could be higher if he tinkers with his shooting form, AGAIN, so we now have another chapter in “The Evolution Of MKG’s Ugly Jump Shot.”

Enter Chris Matthews aka Lethal Shooter aka the guy who made you believe Dwight Howard was going to start shooting threes with the Hawks.

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Matthews is MKG’s latest shooting coach — following two-time 3-point champ and 94.8% career free-throw shooter Mark Price and former player Bruce Kreutzer — and according to his tweet showing MKG’s follow-through, Matthews plans on changing the entire shot….and he wants you to pray for him.


I’m actually a fan of Matthews’ shooting videos so I’m going to give him the benefit of a doubt but I have a feeling this is going to be the biggest challenge of his career. I’m also assuming Matthews has already shown MKG this video.