Markelle Fultz Shows Off His Handles & Hops By Taking On A Pro Dodgeball Team

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Markelle Fultz

Boston Celtics fans are going to love this. Sorry, I meant to say 76ers fans are going to love this video showcasing how unique future #1 pick Markelle Fultz is and how silly ESPN Sports Science can be.

The most amusing part of their breakdown is when they brought in a professional dodgeball team (you can laugh because I laughed too when I found out people are paid to play dodgeball) to test out Fultz’s handles. I’m not going to say it’s scripted but if this dodgeball team had a draft, they might be drafting first like the very happy 76ers are about to do.

Here’s some bonus breakdown videos with a lot of stats and facts about the baller who wouldn’t stand a chance against White Goodman.