Markieff Morris Fights With Teammate Archie Goodwin On The Bench

Have you heard any good trade rumors involving the Suns’ Markieff Morris? If not, be prepared to start hearing some.

During the first quarter of the Suns and Warriors game, Morris got into a physical altercation with teammate Archie Goodwin on the bench. This incident is coming less than 2 months after he reportedly threw a towel at then coach Jeff Hornacek during a game.

“I wouldn’t say it was a fight,” Phoenix interim coach Earl Watson said. “I would say it’s a pushing match. I’ve never seen an NBA player really fight. They push and then run behind referees.”

Goodwin and Morris also downplayed the incident after the game.

“We’re family,” Goodwin said. “It happens. I love him like a brother, he loves me.”

“I’ve been with him for three years and I know him really well,” Morris said. “I know his family. We’re really close. It happens sometimes.”

I can’t wait to hear what Charles Barkley has to say about this news. Here’s his hilarious rant about how bad things are in Phoenix right now.