Matt Barnes & DeMarcus Cousins Got Into A Fight At NYC Club After A Woman Reportedly Slapped Barnes In The Face

Funny is the New York Knicks crowd chanting "Derek Fisher" at Matt Barnes during his 1 for 11 shooting performance on Sunday. Not so funny is Barnes being accused of choking a woman in a NYC nightclub later that night.

According to TMZ, Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins got into a physical altercation with a few people at a NYC club after Barnes reportedly "butt bumped" a woman, who responded with a slap to Barnes' face. According to Barnes, members of the woman's entourage got involved and one of them started choking Barnes. Cousins then jumped into the melee to help defend Barnes.

In the following video of the two Kings leaving the nightclub, you can hear Cousins saying, "I hit the s*** out this n***" while shaking his hand.

Barnes' attorney has said his client is cooperating and doesn't believe he committed a crime. Barnes also released the following message on Instagram.

There's always two sides to a story. The side the media consistently tries to paint of me...and what actually happened! Don't believe everything you read.

We don't, but unfortunately there's a lot of video footage of Barnes getting into physical altercations and even more stories that support that painting the media is always showing.

The Kings also released a statement saying they are "working with all parties involved to gather information in order to take any appropriate next steps."

Let's get back to funny...