Matt Barnes Laughs While Trying To Inbound Over 7’3 Boban During Another Embarrassing Loss

Grizzlies fans didn’t have much to smile or laugh about on Tuesday, with the exception of seeing Matt Barnes laugh while trying to inbound the ball over 7’3 Boban Marjanovic with a second left in the first half. Then Matt turned the ball over and Griz fans realized they were down 49-35 at the half.

2 quarters later, Grizz fans had to accept they are down 0-2 after the team only managed to score 68 points in a 26 point loss (after losing GM1 by 32) to a team that only got 3 points from Tim Duncan and a combined 17 from the trio of Tony Parker, Manu and Timmy.

“We’re coming to a gunfight with some spoons,” Matt Barnes said. “We’ve got to do something to try to switch this up at home next game.”

One of those switch ups a dead serious Barnes is talking about is more minutes for himself.

“I don’t want to play 20 minutes getting beat so bad,” he said. “I want to play 40-45 minutes and swing every second we can. I don’t want to save nothing, nothing should be in the tank. I’m not even tired right now, it’s frustrating. Hopefully next game we get out there and get more minutes and we’ll see what happens.”