Matt Barnes tweets “I’m done standing up for these n****s” after getting ejected

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Serge Ibaka Blake Griffin Matt Barnes


Matt Barnes might be getting a phone call from the league offices today about his actions during and after the Thunder game last night.  With just seconds left in the first half, Barnes created a mini scuffle by pushing Serge Ibaka after Ibaka got tangled up with Blake Griffin.  The refs overreacted and Blake was given a tech while Serge and Matt were sent to the showers. The frustrated Barnes then decided to send out a tweet during the game from the locker room that said,

“I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these niggas! All this shit does is cost me money…”

I think Barnes should continue to support his teammates but I don’t think he needed to “stand up” for his teammates, Blake especially, last night and I really don’t think it’s a wise decision to vent on Twitter.  He deleted the tweet shortly after but obviously the basketball world already heard him and that “shit” will unfortunately cost him money.

Matt and wife’s sister Laura Govan did comment on the incident by posting the following pic on Instagram with the caption “Smile on my face, hands down clean shot????#Crickets!!”  &  “Lmao … In Real Life … I wish a Ni**a would ….@matt_barnes9 @glogovan @lonniegovan@gilbertarenas0





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