Matthew Dellavedova Has Inspired Hollywood To Make A Movie…

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Because a stadium in Australia being renamed the Dellavedova Dome wasn’t enough, a future film or TV series inspired by Matthew Dellavedova is in the works.



The fictional story, based on Dellavedova’s rise, will follow the tale of three young Australian basketballers who are drafted to play basketball for a US college.

Role Models executive producer Jason Shuman has signed on to the project, which is being called Final Four, while The Bodhi Tree‘s Robert ‘Bobby’ Galinsky will act as screenwriter and executive producer.

Galinsky said the work would either be made into a feature film or a Friday Night Lights-style series.

They supposedly approached ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ star Woody Harrelson and Nick Nolte, who played a coach in ‘Blue Chips,’ to play a coach in this movie but “approaching” in Hollywood means as much as approaching the NBA Finals when it comes to winning it.

“It’s quite a compelling story and I think it’s going to do well because it’s like Remember The Titans – people love a real underdog story.

Well, ‘Remember the Titans’ did well because it had a great performance from the great Denzel Washington, the underrated Boaz Yakin directing and a story much bigger than your typical underdog sports story. I’m not saying this underdog story wont work but I would bet as much money on the success of it as I did on Delly after he pissed off Steph Curry in Game 3.

I’m also assuming the movie would have to be rated R or NC-17 because if it’s based off of Delly then it has to be pretty dirty right?  Just kidding – sort of.

Speaking of Cavs in movies, the Judd Apatow comedy ‘Train Wreck’ comes out next month and features Delly’s teammate LeBron.