MC Hammer threw John Wall a 30 yard touchdown at RG3 Football Camp

Players in this post:
Antoine Walker John Wall

John Wall was just a few weeks old when MC Hammer was the most popular artist of 1990 with the hit song “Can’t Touch This.”  When Wall was picking up a ball at 5 years old, MC Hammer was at the end of his career as an artist on Death Row records making music with Snoop and 2Pac that was never officially released.  

During the time Wall became a standout high school player, college player, #1 pick in the draft and a rising star in the league, Hammer was mainly just seen on reality shows, commercials and heard in a lot of bad commercials and scenes in TV and film.  BUT, say what you want about the man who blew through millions of dollars faster than Antoine Walker, he’s a legend that’s 2 Legit 2 Quit in my book that people, young and old, still get excited to see.

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