Meek Mill Offers To Battle For 100k? Cassidy Accepts Battle?

Meek Mill has been one of the biggest house hold names of 2012. The young Philly spitter
made his mark in the game back in April with the release of his street album “Dream Chasers“. He’s appeared on multiple tracks with some big names in the game like his CEO Rick Ross and Mariah Carey. He’s put his city on the map with his club beats and bar for bar lyrics. Like some other rappers in the game Meek started off as a battle rapper . According to him he’s been in over 1500 battles . His only loss was at the age of 13 against a guy who was 16. Since then Meek says he hasn’t lost a battle. Over the years battle rapping has evolved into its own art of music. Many battle rappers have a character and certain style about their punch lines that makes them who they are.

Meek’s debut album Dreams & Nightmares is now in stores and expected to hit big sales and downloads in its first week. Not only is he doing big things in the industry but he is now on the verge of doing even bigger things on the underground scene. In a recent interview meek stated that he wanted to get back to his roots and step back in the Ring with another talented battle rapper .The only two people that came to mind when asked who he would consider was none other then The hustler himself Cassidy and rap battle legend Murda Mook. For years these two artist have been considered the best to ever do it .Unfortunately the two never had the chance to battle each other. According to Meek in order for him to consider the battle one of the two would have to put up a 100k.

Cassidy is known for slaughtering his oppenents when it comes to battle rapping .He’s competed in over 5000 battles and never lost a single one. He’s had a reputation of being one of best punch line rappers in the game. This past weekend Cassidy responded to Meeks statements by saying he will be willing to step in the ring with him. Who do you guys think would win

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