Meet G-Smith formerly known as the world’s most underrated dunker

This amazing video of G-Smith throwing down a bunch of rarely ever completed dunks in Charlotte was already posted on Ballislife but this post isn’t about the video.  The  post is about my personal opinion of Gary Smith aka G-Smith formerly known as the world’s most underrated dunker and soon to be argued as the best dunker in the world.   I know you are probably thinking this is an overreaction to a day of dunks but these are my thoughts from being on tour with Gary for the last 2 months.

I’ve known of G-Smith for two years.  I’ve seen the videos of him dunking on every kid at every gym in Phoenix.   I’ve known about his student/mentor relationship with arguably the world’s greatest dunker Kenny Dobbs and last year at the LA Showdown I watched the 6’6 G-Smith come in 2nd place to “the Dunk Inventor.”  As impressed as I was with his ability to do dunks that I’ve only seen shorter players put down I brushed it off as a surprise performance.

2 months ago, G-Smith joined the Sprite Showdown/Uncontainable tour as an Uncontainable All-Star in Houston and I had a few days to watch and film G in person dunking next to two of the best – Sir Issac and Reemix.  Not only did G-Smith hang with the other two he stood out.  His variety of between the legs, windmill and slingshot dunks with his head above (not at) rim level made me an instant believer and fan.

As we went through each city, Denver, LA, San Fran, Charlotte, he continued to put down better dunks and defy gravity and reasoning.  In Charlotte I watched G-Smith bang the side of his face on the backboard on an elbow dunk.  No not bang the top of his head on the bottom of the backboard, he literally bruised his cheekbone where high flyers try to slap stickers.

I know some of you are reading thinking i’m writing a love letter to G and i’ll probably propose to him next but the only thing i’m proposing is that you accept that G-Smith is no longer one of the most underrrated dunkers in the world but one of the best.

[youtube id=”8WGhIRakWvI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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