Metta World Peace Dreams About “Passing to Kobe”

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(9.24.13 Update: Metta World Peace has signed a 1-year deal with the Lakers)

According to Wojnarowski, the Lakers are “seriously considering signing free agent Metta World Peace (Panda’s Friend).”  Awesome!

Metta won a championship with the Lakers during his 4 year stay in LA between 2009-2013. It was during that time Metta learned the secret of the Lakers success: Pass to Kobe!

“Block a shot – pass to Kobe. Im on the bench – pass to Kobe. I be dreaming – pass to Kobe. My check – pass to Kobe.”

But sometimes success came when the pass went the other way.

So hopefully there’s some truth to the recent rumors and we get to see the two made for each other vets once again pass the ball to each other and if we are really lucky we will get one more Queensbridge shout out. You already know!

And if you don’t know the story about how Metta ended up with the Lakers in the first place. Here’s Kobe talking about the funny but very important moment in Lakers history – which just happened to take place in the showers with a naked and pissed off Bryant.